Norwalk’s Swim and Dive Season Starts off with a Touching Tribute

Norwalk faces New Canaan in honor of Kelly Devine


Monday, September 13

The Norwalk/McMahon Girl’s Swimming and Diving started the season with a  touching tribute to  Norwalk High graduate, Kelly Devine,

Norwalk traveled to face New Canaan in their first swim meet of the season. Norwalk got off to a quick start when Senior Morgan Saunders, Sophomore Sam Taylor, Sophomore Madison Marini, and Sophomore Emily Thompson won the 200 medley relay. Saunders dominated her race by winning the 100 yard breaststroke by more than 3 seconds. Norwalk had a few more 2nd and 3rd places finishes, but not enough to change the final outcome. New Canaan ended up outscoring Norwalk 113-73.

This meet was in honor of Kelly Devine who passed away in 2016. Kelly Devine was a New Canaan public school teacher and a former Norwalk High School swimmer. Kelly was also the sister of Kevin Devine,  who was a teacher at Norwalk High School and is now a teacher at New Canaan High School. The swim and divers for Norwalk and New Canaan exchanged gifts to each other in honor of Kelly. Every time Norwalk and New Canaan face-off they honor Kelly’s legacy. Saunders stated, “We had a good time exchanging gifts and honoring Kelly. It was fun and we got to build a better relationship with New Canaan.”


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