NHS Teacher Athletes

Was your teacher an NHS Athlete?

Did you know that there is a total of 138 teachers that teach at Norwalk High School. And 27 of these teachers went to NHS.

I got a chance to interview some teachers and staff that went to Norwalk High School that played  sports. I asked them all the same three questions which were. What has changed about the sport from back then until now. What has stayed the same about the sport they played. And also one of their favorite memories from back when they were playing. I took the time to find a sheet of paper with every single teacher  it and went through and circled every teacher that went to Norwalk High. I had the help from multiple teachers including Seaburg, and finally came up with all the 27 teachers. Then I made sure that they all played a sport of some kind and went to see if they would like to get interviewed.