Why high school students should be allowed to get the vaccine


After a long year with the coronavirus pandemic, scientists have finally developed a hopeful vaccine to finally end this crisis. However, according to the CDC, a requirement is that the minimum age of the person given the vaccine is sixteen. 

This means that most underclassmen in Norwalk High are not qualified to receive the vaccine, meaning that it is a risk for them to go to school without being vaccinated.

I believe that all students in high school should be given the opportunity of being vaccinated. There are many reasons for this but I would like to point out the most obvious one being that all students are required to get other vaccinations before they are allowed to enter school.

According to the New York Department of Health, all students require a minimum of seven different types of vaccines, in order to be allowed to enter the school. Now why isn’t it required for students to get the vaccine for the current pandemic that is sweeping our country? Seems like a step backwards in stopping the spread once and for all.

Another reason to give students the vaccine is to help them ease back into going to school. Speaking from experience, virtual classes leave a lot of strain on students given how we are isolated at home. School is a large part of social life as most of us have friends there that help relieve stress from class. By having that factor taken away it leaves our stress coping gone and students becoming more and more distant and stressed. 

 This has also taken away school resources that help students with pre existing medical conditions like depression and anxiety. Most school counselors and social workers are unable to reach out to students at home, which can be hard for students who need the help. According to Aditya Thakur, a Psychiatric student, “Historically, schools may provide a social support network and mental health services for vulnerable teens. However, closure of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic has taken away the protective layer of school-based mental health support.” 

Given these reasons, it should go without saying that there is little reason to not give students the vaccine, because in order to help our students destress and feel comfortable working, we need them back in  an environment where they can be around their friends and classmates.