Norwalk Girls Swim and Dive Misses Their Other Half!

Ellana Brancato and Isabella Arvanitis

When the news hit I was sad for obvious reasons but more than anything I was worried.”

— Micaella Balderama


Unfortunately, during the 2020 Fall Sports Season, Brien McMahon High School’s students and staff had to quarantine for 2 weeks.

While this doesn’t really affect Norwalk High, one team in particular took a hit and that was the Norwalk Girls Swim and Dive team. Unlike most teams at NHS the Girls Swim Team has athletes from both Norwalk High and McMahon. When the news hit, there was a lot of uncertainty about what was next for the team since half their athletes had to quarantine. McMahon Senior Captain Micaella Balderrama said “When the news hit I was sad for obvious reasons but more than anything I was worried.” While she was already grateful for the time they had together she said that on the McMahon side of things they were worried that this was the end to their season. On the Norwalk side it was hard for everyone to believe, especially Senior Captain Alejandra Roldan. She was going to be the only captain and senior present until the McMahon athletes could return.

Despite being crosstown rivals the girls on this team are very close. Although some could not participate in person for those two weeks, everyone tried to stay as involved as possible, constantly texting and sending videos to each other. When asked how she continued to lead her team from a distance Balderrama said she was “focused on maintaining a positive mindset on both sides.” She had the McMahon girls participate in distanced daily workouts since they could not attend practice. When the team had their first meet without their McMahon athletes Balderrama decided to put together a little good luck video. She had the girls from McMahon as well as seniors from last years team send in positive messages wishing the team good luck in hopes of lifting the their spirit. “Even though those two weeks were disheartening I knew I had to keep the hope alive” says Balderrama. Luckily the McMahon athletes were able to return after that two week period and finish their season.