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Check in with the Bears Softball Team - The start and where they see the end

May 4, 2023

Ever think of how a team may deal with adversity, or what it takes to overcome it? For The Norwalk High School Softball team this seems to have become regular. From the leadership or maturity normally displayed by the seniors, to the transition to varsity from the underclassmen. After graduating only 2 seniors last year and having just 4 seniors this season, we have seen the lack of upperclassmen in this program for the past couple of years. With the lack of seniors and upperclassmen this opens opportunity for everyone on and off the field. Forcing the underclassmen to step up and filling the roles of last years seniors, not many people knew where this season was headed. Out of the 20 players we see 4 seniors, 3 juniors, 8 sophomores, and 5 freshman. Not only the experience and confidence brought to the field, but building a brand new bond throughout the team was an important part that needed fixing.

After 12 games into the 2023 season, the bears find themselves at 7-5 (3-3). At this time last year our bears had the same record. Finishing the regular season at 12-10 and then coming up short in the 2nd round of playoffs, they hope to be more prepared this time around. The nerves and jitters from the beginning of the season are starting to shake off and the bears are starting to heat up. With all factors coming together and seeing our underclassmen building more and more confidence, we see another playoff run coming. The bears are wrapping up the regular season and focusing on closing it out strong. From here on out the girls say everything they do and how they do it is in preparation of the post season.

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