Dynamic Duo

Jumping on the Mat with the Gilchrists

Can you imagine your brother by your side every step of the way? Since the beginning of their athletic careers they were all they knew, from learning how to take the losses together to sharing the victories as a family. From the field to the mat these two have learned how to not only succeed but dominate. The Gilchrist brothers are the perfect example of the dynamic duo, one of the greatest we have seen here at Norwalk High School. Throughout our history we have seen so many great duos and what they have brought to the game, but none quite match up to this one. From the day that Brendan and Ryan were born everything has been a competition between the two, making each other better in every aspect of life. Growing up, Brendan and Ryan have seemed to find their spots on every team that they have been on. Not only finding their spots on the teams, but taking them over and leaving a print on everyone involved. The Gilchrist brothers had just finished one of the most incredible seasons that we have ever seen. Both brothers had marched through the season sweeping every opponent and finishing with undefeated records. Along with these records the brothers managed to bring home the Fciac, LL, and State Titles. Brendan had managed to place 1st at New Englands while Ryan stepped on the podium placing sixth.  With each of them having 100 wins a piece, Brendan and Ryan will leave their print in the schools history with combined over 200 overall wins.