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Growing Up On The Ice

Haydens Hockey Journey

February 24, 2023


To some people, sports are more than just a game, but the way of life. Affecting not only the competition but the social side of an individual, sports can have a great impact on one’s journey. Picking up sports at a young age can help build values and key life knowledge. From learning how to deal with adversity to finding new bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime, sports can have the most affect on a young individual.

Hayden Cincotta had laced up the skates and jumped on the ice for the first time in 3rd grade. The moment he slapped a puck off the face of his stick into the back of the net, Cincotta said “It felt like home”. Growing up with hockey, Hayden believes that this is why he is who he is today. Hockey had sculpted him and shaped the lifestyle he lives today. Learning how to get through tough times to learning how to work with others ┬áto overcome adversity, hockey has played a huge role in his childhood. Moving on over the years, from one level to the next Hayden knew he was better than most in his age group. Always being the bigger, faster and better player, Cincotta had stood out and loved the game. Teammates say that Dedication, Passion, and Hard working are factors that make Hayden stand out when it comes to the team. Teammate John Luca Milone had told us that “You can always tell Hayden wants to win. Everything he does is to win and when he messes up, he makes sure to make up for it.”

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