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Artists on Isaacs

Talking with the creatives behind the local Norwalk art park on Isaacs street.

In 2020 while Norwalk and the world was battling the pandemic, developer Jason Millligan transformed a  Isaacs Street parking lot into an Art Park to display the talents of local Artists. In 2022 the park still stands -despite attempts to tear it down-  creating a safe space for Norwalk Art to exist. I talked to some of the artists whose work is displayed on Isaacs Street, and this is what they have to say about the importance of celebrating local art. 

Mural by @kaera_designs

Kaera Crawford Jean, -art name Ka.Era- is a 30 year old Norwalk Native who studied fine art and fashion illustration. She has been drawing since the age of 5, starting off with sketching and has fallen in love with painting mix media, acrylics and gouache. Ka.Era describes art as an outlet, “It’s the way I express myself and it’s therapeutic.” About her piece at the Art Park Ka.Era says it is all about women, particularly black women empowerment! She wants women who see this mural to embrace themselves and recognize the power they hold in our world. Women hold such a special place with all they do and create.  “Women need to be reminded how powerfully special we are and heavily needed!” She says artistic expression is a must. It keeps us grounded and connects us as people, which is something needed for human existence. 

“I am art we all are!!””

— Ka.Era


Mural by @robertabriola


Robert Abriola is 58 and moved to Norwalk in 2013. He graduated from Southern CT State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in studio art. He also studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. His career has taken him far, from being a graphic designer, art director, director of creative services, VP of marketing services, and currently a Global Account Director for a company HH global. He discovered he could draw at an early age during an after school program where he used to draw bananas. Once he realized the nature of his talent, he started  pursuing the arts. It wasn’t always the easiest but his mother was very supportive and guided him to share his talents. He works in many different mediums- graphite, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, colored pencils, acrylic pens and digital- but most of his work you can find around Norwalk is music inspired. This piece was inspired  by Bootsie Collins of the 70s rock band Parliament. The theme is about unity , “One Nation Under a Groove” a Parliament band song released in 1978. Abriola is the vice chair of the Norwalk Arts commission and very much supports the arts here in Norwalk. He teaches design at Norwalk Community College, and is on the steering committee of the St Philip Artists’ Guild in Norwalk where he has an art studio. He told me that the Norwalk Arts Commission is in the process of making  another mural   at the underpass next to the South Norwalk train station.

It is important to preserve the arts in Norwalk and also PROMOTE more art throughout our amazing city ”

— Robert Abriola


Christine Stadnik is a college student and began exploring different types of art during the COVID-19 lockdown. She always had a love for art but has recently expanded to much bigger scale work and through trial and error is still searching for what style resonates with her most. Spirituality and the outdoors is often featured in her work. “My favorite thing about art is that it’s always up to the interpretation of the viewer.” Christine says that Issac Square Art Park fostered a safe space for people to get outside, stay safe and interpret the murals there at their own pace.

Mural by @awake.thesoulart

I am so grateful to have spoken with these talented artists and to have experienced the art around our town. I think that supporting local artists is so important because not only does it bring us together during hard times like the COVID 19 pandemic, it also helps us to better understand the types of people living in our town  making us more open minded and empathetic people. We should all appreciate these artists for sharing a part of themselves with us through their work and I applaud them for their  continuous efforts to build the Norwalk art community.

Below is more Art you can find on Isaacs street!




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