Chinese Rocket Long March 5B Into the Indian Ocean

Chinese Rocket crash lands

Leila Kerr, Staff

Debris from the large Chinese rocket known as the Long March 5b has fallen back into the earth’s atmosphere  and into the Indian ocean on May 8th 2021.After going into an out of control orbit, the rocket’s debris was going to fall into the earth’s atmosphere at any moment. This striked global fear that the rocket debris would end up falling onto a populated area, and may possibly cause casualties and injuries. China did not appreciate these allegations and fears and felt that the countries who were deeming China’s space program as unsafe, were trying to get them shut down. Luckily, when the spacecraft went into an out of control orbit and crashed, there were no passengers on board because it was a model aircraft. The ship known as a Long March 5B was originally launched in late April to carry the first part of China’s Tianhe module, which will serve as the core of its planned crewed space station. Scientists eventually lost track of the rocket and it caused people to panic and worry. Other scientists and space facilities around the world were trying to tell people to not panic because  by the time the rocket or the debris from the rocket would enter earth’s atmosphere, a majority of it would be burned up and wouldn’t cause as much damage as we fear it will. I asked locally around to see if people in Connecticut were aware of the situation, how’d they find out, and if they were concerned about where parts of the rocket would crash land. Bella Genaurio, an 18 year old student from Trumbull Highschool said that, “She was not aware of the situation until after the crash landing took place.” They were, “relieved to find out that the crash landing was not anywhere populated but it’s unfortunate that all that junk and oil had to fall into the ocean” I asked another close friend of mine about the situation, Soraya Guidel a tenth grader from Norwalk Highschool  and she said “Yes, she was aware that the rocket was supposed to crash land somewhere.” She found out through the globally used and known app TikTok and said the post was a map of the U.S. showing which parts of the country were clear of being hit by the rocket and what parts of the country should be wary of loose rubble from the rocket hitting them.” Soraya was not worried for herself or or her family because Connecticut claimed to be in the clear and had very little to no chance of the rocket crashing. She still deemed herself concerned though for others who had an increased chance of being in the way of the crash landing but she is glad that the rocket didn’t land anywhere populated. It’s good to know that the rocket debris did not hurt anyone and that global fear can now be put at rest.

Sebastian Keetley