Sports news article

Anthony Torres, Staff Writer

Vector illustration of soccer ball | Public domain vectors

What is Soccer and how do you play it, what are the rules based on these sports? How do people divide themselves into two separate teams and how will this sport start off when it starts off with a community?   


There are so many athletic people in the community who  play a sport like soccer. Most of the people around the world think that soccer is one of the best sports out there for many reasons. For example, it is easy to develop skills like dribbling, and many other techniques used to play the game.


In soccer, practice is vital  because if you are on  a soccer team, the coaches need the members to practice their proper skills and test themselves to see if they are able to defend the team against their opponent. Usually, two teams face off on a field and play until the timer finishes so they can switch sides.


Most importantly, people should be alerted about one rule and that is the cards. The referee carries a red card and yellow card. The red card is for the player who goes off the field and is sent out to sit for the remainder of the game and another player from that team would go out when that specific team would have less players in that specific team that applies for both teams. The yellow card means if that specific player is arguing with the referee, he will automatically send the player out to sit for the remainder of the game, but if it happens again for the second time it will cause him to give a red card.


Some people believe that soccer injuries are dangerous. If a player got kicked in the nose, or hit by a ball, the paramedics would have to look at the player to see if they are okay to continue playing.  If not, they would definitely sit out and another player would take his spot in the field. Leg injuries are also common.  In soccer,  if you are playing against another team and if they slide tackle your legs then that person would feel that one of their legs would end up hurting because of the pain that hit the person’s bone that’s what causes an injury.


 They would check the player and it would end up with a teammate having to sit out while another player gets called to take their place. After all, people would enjoy this sport but still, they would have to remind themselves about the dangers that can happen in the world of soccer.